Our Story

Aston Fittings & Flanges Manufacturing Ltd is an expanding engineering company located in Birmingham.

Our 16,000 sq. ft factory in the West Midlands offers an ideal central location to reach our customers anywhere across the UK, allowing us to meet rapid supply needs. We also offer reasonable international shipping rates.

With our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, we can assure our customers that every dispatched order maintains high-quality industry standards.

Why Choose Us

Here at Aston Fittings Ltd., we on-site manufacture and stock stainless steel tube and compression fittings, as well as galvanized sch 40 / sch 80 pipe and 3000lb fittings from ½” to 4″.

We are specialist suppliers of instrumentation packages to any required destination worldwide. Our team assemble packages of pipe, tube, buttweld fittings, flanges, valves, and ancillary items in various materials, from 18″ to 54″, to meet our customer requirements.

Additionally, we manufacture and supply non-standard items in any material to suit customer specifications.

International Distributor

Not only do we manufacture, Aston Fittings Ltd. is an international distributor of industrial steel fittings, valves, hoses, tubes, pipes, and connectors in carbon stainless steel, brass, and other alloys.

We ensure fast and efficient service with competitive prices and guaranteed next-day delivery across the UK on all ex-stock items.

  • We are an ISO9001:2015 accredited company
  • We provide material certification for traceability and peace of mind
  • We have an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team, focused on providing excellent customer service